Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Abu Biden

From The Christian Science Monitor's Vote Blog:

"Vice President Joe Biden has a new assignment: overseeing US policy on Iraq

"Press Secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed Tuesday that President Obama had asked Biden to begin 'working with General [Raymond] Odierno and Ambassador [Christopher] Hill in working with the Iraqis toward overcoming their political differences and achieving the type of reconciliation that we all understand has yet to fully take place.'

"Before becoming vice president, Biden had served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 'Given his knowledge of the region, the number of times he has been there, he is perfectly suited for this type of role,' Gibbs said at Tuesday’s White House briefing."

Hoo haw. This is why I wanted Obama to win. The man whose name liberals slapped on their car bumpers next to "War Is Not The Answer" stickers is now set to manage what's left of our murderous invasion. Couldn't happen to a sicker fuck.

Let's briefly review Joe Biden's take on Iraq.

First, he supported Bush's "enforcement strike," as Biden put it in 2002, talking out of both sides of his ass, authorizing the invasion while worried that, over time, it might not be as successful as he would like. Sort of like John Wayne Gacy being concerned that he might run short of crawl space to stuff bodies into. How embarrassing is that?

Once the killing commenced and all hell broke loose, Biden called for a partition of Iraq, which was already happening under the more common name of ethnic cleansing. As with any viceroy wannabe, Biden had his own concept about how the natives should be arranged, minus their direct input, of course. Again, it was all about "our" needs.

Then Biden, double-talking as usual, criticized the political side of "the surge" while championing its military aspect. So although he was fine with more Iraqi dead, Biden bitched that we were pouring money down the drain, undermining our violence in Afghanistan. "It's killing us," cried Biden on the "Today" show.

Ah, Afghanistan. The word itself makes Biden's lips moist. Iraq is soooo Bush era, which suggests that Biden cannot be happy with his new gig. But have him oversee the Afghan war and watch his dick get hard. Biden supports an Afghan "surge," complete with fresh bodies and deadlier weapons. And again, Biden understands the native mindset: "The Afghans are patient people, but they’re not seeing an effort worthy of a superpower.”

You are so right, Mr. Vice President. We really need to step it up.