Thursday, July 2, 2009

Follow The Funny

My friend Tom Kramer is steadily posting his short films from "Fridays," all of which are in mint condition. At some point, these and the rest of that old but influential show will appear in a DVD box set, though when is still being discussed. What is happening is a "Fridays" reunion next spring, to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary. I've been invited to attend, which still has my head spinning. I can't wait.

There've been mini-"Fridays" reunions on Tom's online radio show, "Funny Is Money," co-hosted by another pal, comedy vet Bob Iles. Tom and Bob have chatted with producer John Moffitt, original head writer Jack Burns, and staff writer Bruce Kirschbaum. I've been on FIM twice to discuss "Fridays," but alas, was not part of the original show. Larry Charles, director of "Borat" and the upcoming "Brüno," was, and appears on the next FIM airing at Shokus Radio starting Monday. Here's LC with Bob in the Orioles cap, and Tom.

Here's Tom's parody of "Chariots Of Fire," a film that was satirized all over the place in 1981. This one features Darrow Igus, Mark Blankfield, and Larry David.

Then it's Punk Ballet, with Peter Fonda and Bruce Mahler. A younger Tom appears briefly in the dressing room scene, a punk Hitchcock cameo in a gray sweatshirt.

Finally, a young boy brings home a new friend, introduced by wise-cracking ballerina Melanie Chartoff.