Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life Is A Beautiful, Precious Flower

It's been brought to my attention that Charles Johnson, the Mud King of the Widdle Gween Nerfball tribe, is upset with my contention that I received a death threat at his fine site many years ago. "Man up," ChazJo growled, beating his chest as his followers grunted their approval. "Prove it, or retract it."

I've also received several emails from what I suspect are Nerfballers, daring me to do the same thing. So, in the interest of full clarity, and because I want to get back to some actual work, here's the deal.

There was never a death threat made against "Dennis Perrin." This is because "Dennis Perrin" didn't use his real name when commenting at ChazJo's joint. "Dennis Perrin" used a single, anonymous tag -- a rare practice online, I'll concede, but what the hell, you only live once. What that tag was I have no idea, since I posted there maybe five years ago, two computers and three hard drives in the past.

I knew very little about that site's politics at the time, as I was relatively new to the Web, so I thought I could argue from a different perspective in good faith. Umm, right. My biggest mistake was insisting that the Palestinians are human, which is science fiction to Chazzy's tribe. Several commenters told me to leave, and one said that if I didn't, he'd track my IP address and "hunt" me down, encouraged by a few others. Now, whether this was possible or not, I don't know, but as I said in my earlier post, I figured, fuck it, and moved on.

When someone says they're gonna hunt you down, I don't picture them arriving at your door with a gift basket and a warm smile. So, yes, I took that as a death threat. Again, how serious it was, I haven't the faintest, and at this late date, I really don't care.

Chaz and his tribe took a tiny part of a much larger post (which mostly slammed liberals), and blew it up to blood libel status, as if my main focus was them. Life must be molasses slow in those parts. Still, I can see why ChazzyJ's a bit touchy on the subject of death threats, given that more explicit things have been posted there, forcing him to paper over the mess, lest people get the impression that Chaz attracts a rather unstable crowd.

And that, dear readers, is that. Hoo haw, and who gives a shit.

I'll leave the final sentiments to William Shatner, who in this clip may very well be talking to a group of Nerfballers. The Spanish subtitles are for my Central American audience. Hola, compañeros y compañeras!