Thursday, July 5, 2007

Maracas In The Mist

"Why do you hate liberals so much?"

"You suck. You have no talent. Fuck you and fuck that crap you 'write'."


These are some of the mash notes I've received since writing about Digby and supine libs in general. I've been called many things by rightwingers over the years, but for sheer hatred and viciousness, few reactionaries can match an enraged liberal. I suppose it's because liberals are so passionate. I mean, you are passionate, right mules?

I won't spend a ton of time on this, but let me clear up a few things. First, all of you who worship Digby and consider her some kind valorous saint are welcome to your faith. I learned long ago that fundamentalist outlooks are nearly impossible to penetrate. Still, I have nothing personal against Digby; I'm happy that she expresses herself politically and defines her own political space. I simply think that her views are about twenty steps behind what's really going on, that she's locked into an archaic romantic mindset which does little to help clarify and advance matters in this genuinely awful time. My objection to Digby is on political grounds, nothing more.

"If you despise liberals so much, then why are you going to appear at Yearly Kos? Pretty hypocritical."

Well, I don't "despise" liberals, since I hold many liberal beliefs myself. I do have little patience with what passes for "progressive" blogging, as most of it is too closely tied to and too uncritical of the Democratic Party as a corporate/war making institution, and I've made my reasons clear oh so many times. As for being a hypocrite because I accepted an invitation to speak at Yearly Kos, I see nothing contradictory about my decision. I'm looking forward to speaking directly to those who disagree with what I write, and with whom I politically differ. Plus, appearing on a Middle East panel with Juan Cole is simply too tempting to pass up. I may even twist some balloon animals for the kids and sing a few Irish ballads. Should be fun.

Again, if what I write angers you so, then don't read me -- unless you get off on rage, in which case I wouldn't dream of denying you pleasure. I'm here to entertain.