Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Understanding Iran

As political turmoil continues in Iran, many Americans lack the basic information needed to assess these tumultuous events. So here's a simple introductory lesson you can share with family and friends.

This is a mass political demonstration in Tehran. In the US, this would be a line for the latest iPhone.

Here, angry Iranians set fire to a car, showing their extreme displeasure with election results. In the US, this sometimes happens after a home team wins a big game, or loses one, depending where you are. East Lansing, Michigan, for instance.

Here, an Iranian riot cop beats an unarmed citizen. In the US, this would be the opening to a Spike TV reality show.

Here the Shah's son begs for a chance to rule Iran as did his father. A lot like George W. Bush, crossed with comedian Jackie Mason.

Here, an Iranian protester deals with being shot in the arm. In the US, this happens in countless backyards on drunken Saturday nights.

Here, a young Iranian spray paints "Down with the dictator" on a public building. In the US, this would read, "No fat chicks!"

Here, a suspected government agent is beaten by angry demonstrators. In the US, this happens when a New York Giants fan wanders into a Philadelphia Eagles tailgate party.

Here, an Iranian demonstrator wears a mask to hide his identity from government agents. In the US, this guy would be attending the Comic-Con comic book convention.

Here is a satellite photo of Iran. In the US, 67% would identify this as a Sara Lee coffee cake with vanilla frosting.