Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thirty-Six In Month Years

Has it been three years since I deigned to blast my opinions into the dense Web maw? Looks that way. And what a lovely time it's been, friends. I still have the keyboard on which I typed my first Red State Son post. It's in a box in my basement, resting in pieces from when I smashed it with a hammer and steel-toed boots, a testament to an earlier mindset. But that was long ago, a much angrier time. I'm decidedly more agreeable when writing today -- like placing daisies into rifle barrels or blowing bubbles while dancing in a sun-drenched park. I think it shows in my work, wouldn't you agree?

Due to my fast approaching deadline, I lack the time to adequately assess my three years online. Perhaps another day. But I will say that writing the Son, and now this self-titled thing, has brought me in touch with many intelligent, creative, passionate people I would never have encountered off-line. That alone makes this little vaudeville worthwhile.

The blog has also rejuvenated what was a dead writing career, the new book just one of many projects planned. I don't think I ever mentioned it, but my bloggy efforts snagged me a screen test for a happening Hollywood producer who wanted me to write and host a reality show for his production company. The guy already has numerous shows on TV, and is part of a big film studio, so naturally I was stoked. I passed the screen test (me walking and talking and trying hard to be droll), but the concept has yet to sell. It is a weird idea, something you may not envision me doing. But I saw it as another adventure in life, and as long-delayed justice from when Yahoo Serious destroyed my shot to host an MTV game show, the audition and screen test of which I also passed. I suppose I'm not meant to mug on-screen. At this rate, the best I can probably expect is co-hosting an infomercial with Lene Lovich, hawking the ultimate New Wave CD/DVD collection. Hey, it's work.