Tuesday, July 3, 2007

System: Normal

The squeaky whine of online libs got turned up to 11 yesterday, after Bush allowed Scooter Libby to avoid any prison time. Outrageous! Contemptible! Disgraceful! Downright un-American! Man, there's nothing like the bald, unflinching face of our corrupt system to send star spangled mules braying to the sky. Of course, for most of them, said corruption is exclusive GOP property, something that rarely if ever happens when a Dem is in the White House, most especially Bill Clinton. Then the machine of state can trample and mangle what's left of the Constitution with little liberal protest. Hyperbole? Think back to when Clinton set the table for the Patriot Act by signing into law the Antiterrorism Act and allowed the FBI to expand its watch over the domestic population. Where was the liberal outrage then? And if Hillary is elected, expect more of the obedient same.

What a gift Bush gave to libloggers, who'll faithfully gnaw on this bone for days if not weeks. Not that Bush cares or even thinks about those online who tap furiously away about "rescuing" America from the clutches of Evil Republicans. But it is a gift, another distraction from what's really going on, the roots of which liberals have no real interest in investigating, much less actively protesting. They are in on the same con, establishing the boundary of acceptable outrage, beyond which only Naderites and kindred lunatics roam. Liberals take their cues and talking points from the very people they claim to oppose. They may not be Scooter Libby, but they are his liberal cousins.