Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chroma Key Hayride

Here's something you probably won't see again any time soon -- me cited at Daily Kos. It comes via Juan Cole, who put together the Middle East panel for the upcoming Yearly Kos convention in Chicago, and Juan couldn't resist mentioning my criticism of Digby, perhaps hoping to stir the pot a little. While nothing was said in the comments, the Kos diarist, Mark in San Fran, noted:

"This should prove interesting, especially if Digby is in attendance."

I don't know if Mark is anticipating fireworks, but if Digby does attend our panel and introduces herself to me, I will be friendly and courteous. As I've said, I hold nothing personal against Digby. The more online, the merrier -- or in my case, the more miserable, frustrated, and bewildered.

A minor clarification: While I will be discussing Israel/Palestine, my presentation will be about how Americans create or deal with satire of Middle East issues.

Speaking of laughs, here's a rare, ragged clip of Charles Rocket from his brief time on "SNL" in 1980-81. This "Rocket Report" segment anticipates the kind of street bits that David Letterman would make famous just over a year later. Rocket is much more animated than the deadpan Letterman, but he's not bad. The guy had more talent than was ever really acknowledged.