Friday, September 12, 2008

Prez Cred

How did you spend your 9/11 anniversary? Save for those intimately affected, it's become a pseudo-day of mourning, background noise to the bullshit parade.

I briefly thought about the various times I was either inside or atop the Twin Towers, or underneath, staring up those slightly curved glass spines. Architecturally, they were uninspired, as 70s as plastic pants. But they were the first identifiable symbols I saw when I first hit New York, lit up at night, right outside my Lower East Side bedroom window. A good luck charm, of sorts. So when I watched them collapse, pulverizing all those people inside, I felt instantly empty and horrified. It seemed to cement my exile in Michigan, making me feel even sicker. Smoky clouds covered lower Manhattan, the nation was about to go nuts, and I threw up in my mouth, held it, then choked it back down.

I concede that mine was not the worst reaction. Not by a mad dog's throw.

That lovely memory rose and faded fast, making way for the real meaning of 9/11 -- the brightest green light for the worst in humanity, or as chum Jon Schwarz gently puts it, an "enormous opportunity." Those murderous lunatics on the planes brought to the surface what was already forming, a 21st century police state integrated with global capital rackets. The pretense of "Constitutional protections" finally given its last rites. I don't know if global elites privately celebrate every 9/11, but they should. They've always been able to do whatever the fuck they wanted, but now it's right in our faces. And apart from some kind of social uprising or genuine political upheaval, neither of which seems in the offing, there's really not much We The People can do about it.

Against this grim backdrop, the presidential sweepstakes appears more ridiculous than ever. Of course the candidates had to say their requisite prayers over the 9/11 dead, posthumous props for their respective power grabs. The GOP's political necrophilia is more inspired, and thus more tasteless, than what the Dems offer, but then, the mule party always seems hesitant to get Grand Guignol. As I've been saying in recent interviews, I don't know why this is, considering the Dems' rich, murderous legacy. At times I think Democrats are like Don Knotts: "The Shakiest State Terrorist In The West." They'll eventually kill you, but given all the bumbling before the act, it seems like a miracle that they can.

I think this is why Obama can't shake McCain. For all of his soaring rhetoric and historic purpose, he's now entering crunch time, and some stress is starting to show. Obama doesn't look like a guy who can whip your ass, and for countless Americans, that's a bad sign. Granted, Nixon didn't appear all that imposing, but he surrounded himself with known gangsters and con men, which beefed up his profile. McCain's old, yet he gives the impression that he'd get in a few solid shots, maybe bite off a piece of your ear or nose, before you finally took him out. And Sarah Palin? The woman looks crazed, and kills large animals from a fucking helicopter! A lot of Americans clearly love that, and on this front, Obama can't compete. All he has is Joe Biden playing Harold Hill from "The Music Man." Not the sidekick you want when boasting about your desire to kill hajji scum.

I believe that Obama can and will murder his share of poor people, but I'm not the one he needs to convince. As days go by, the prospect of a McCain/Palin administration seems more and more realistic. Obama better start strangling badgers if he wants to win this thing.

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