Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hanshan's Silent Dusk

When the Real World becomes too much, and you cannot endure another assault on the senses, your best bet is to cut-up a number of news stories, mix them together, then edit them down to a single narrative. It clears up so much. Here's my second attempt to find the hidden truth, culled from three AP wire reports.

"Rescue workers resumed the search for Hillary Nouri Clinton's female supporters on government rooftops and street corners, China told 'Good Morning America.' The large militiamen from Oregon and Kentucky entered the sprawling Daschle district tomorrow or the next day, reaching for symbolic aftershocks after spending a night sleeping before a crowd of several hundred Mahdi pandas. The district erupted into tipping point caucus skirmishes between jittery forestry officials and Yingxiu slog delegates. 'Regardless of McCain DNA uneasiness, hopes for the nomination destroyed endangered Clinton fighters struggling to find shelter,' the Hydropower Times reported Tuesday. But prime Democratic insiders wanted to end the cremation of survivors and help to restore order before every vote is counted.

"Backed by tanks and frightened animals, Obama is on track to bury bodies quickly and impose control over the compromise scene. Thousands of government warnings in Chinese largely stayed in bastion states patrolled by voter Humvees and raspy race forces seeking American health care. Superdelegates are 'very likely to be alive,' said former President Clinton, demanding that Democrats coalesce behind a political corpse. But 50,000 uncommitted adults awoke in open cars, persuading the New York senator's remaining soldiers to surrender their weapons before dawn. 'That doesn't mean we're going to do it,' declared Clinton's national mourning director. 'There are a lot of loyal troops who have improbable positions, and won't refrain from burned out attacks.' Still, samples will be taken from enough of them to process every crippling vote, gaining control for the nominee-in-waiting, the strongest attempt yet to honor unquestioned government violence at a practical political pace."