Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cue The Clown Horns

If fate is kind and history true, Andrew Breitbart's existence will merit a tiny footnote. If that.

Already his sound is dimming. It was left to ol' reliable, Rush Limbaugh, to stir liberal outrage, letting his misogyny fly. It's a tired act cherished by those who value women's dignity so long as it's not Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. Limbaugh will have to play his role until liberals find a new reactionary to hate. There are plenty of choices. Another perk of our consumer paradise.

Breitbart's sudden death robbed liberals of a media chew toy, but they appear fine with it. In many cases, ecstatic. Their grave dancing was unseemly and unnecessary.

Breitbart dissolved into a sad joke long ago. His disheveled appearance and bizarre rants suggested more nervous breakdown than fascist threat. Yet liberals seem to prefer their fascist threats to be clownish and absurd. Much easier to mock and pretend to resist. The real thing tends to confuse them -- that is, when they're not applauding and justifying it.

Reactionary claims about Obama are ridiculous, but then the American right is in worse shape than in its Bircher/Goldwater days. (Russell Kirk and Clare Boothe Luce may as well be science fiction characters.). For all of their wailing about the decline of decent standards, right wingers have become dumber faster than most other political groupings.

The GOP presidential race reflects this, a pitiful collection of candidates. Alf Landon and Wendell Willkie carried more weight than Romney and Santorum. As I've said, Obama should glide easily into a second term. His conservative management style all but guarantees it.

This ought to make liberals happy, but their mood appears nasty, entitled. Hope and Change are over. Now it's Obama Rules, Motherfuckers! Predictable if unsettling.

A tiny slice of lefties are either abstaining from the election or going Green, but the majority are solidly behind Obama. This further proves that their opposition to Bush/Cheney was bullshit. They simply wanted their turn at the imperial wheel.

Voting for Obama means acceptance of and support for permanent war, expanded surveillance, crackdowns on whistle blowers, and increased corporate control. It's Bush/Cheney without the social embarrassment, though Obama's streamlining is far beyond what his predecessors set in motion.

That's what makes Obama superior to Bush, and thus more dangerous to us. But try telling this to mainstream liberals. That is, if you can get them to stop pissing on dead clowns while crowing to the sky.