Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nietzsche's Abyss

Apparently, Rick Perry has been elected president. He's gutting the Constitution. Giving kickbacks to his fat cat backers. Forcing Jewish and Muslim children to pray to Jesus. Planning new wars. Turning us into a miserable global joke. He's worse than Bush. Vice President Bachmann is an added slander upon our good name.

How can Americans be so stupid -- again? Didn't they learn their lesson?

This is based on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Perry's announcement has made liberal friends and acquaintances lose their minds. I haven't seen such frenzy since my Nader days. That the election is a year away means nothing. That anything can happen means even less. No: Perry's gonna get the nomination; and because Americans are backward and racist, he'll probably win and re-establish the Dark Ages.

Why? WHY!

Amid this fury, Barack Obama is still in office, serving our owners, tightening our noose. No liberal tumult for him. And that's how it should be, given this system. Keep the partisans in their separate cages. Let them demonize each other while elites steal from all.

The class war from above is so obscenely blatant that Warren Buffett calls for taxing the rich. He's clearly embarrassed by the spectacle. But Buffett's call will go unheeded. His peers are in no mood to sacrifice. Their political wings keep the money flowing upward. Who surrenders in a war that they're winning?

Liberal groups bemoan the class war, but do little to oppose it. For one thing, they're not opposed to capitalism -- though what we're enduring is beyond supply-and-demand definitions. Modern capital has its own language, its own currency, its own country. Liberal commentary rarely touches on this. They believe that modern capital can be bent in a progressive direction. By who or how is fuzzy. But it can be done. First, we need to elect better Democrats; and then etc. etc.

The main reason why liberals aren't engaging the class war is because they'd have to oppose Obama. Openly. Radically. And we know that's not going to happen. Hysteria over Perry and Bachmann proves that. Liberals have waited for the GOP circus to commence so they can finally erupt. Based on feeds and links I've read, they've been suppressing a lot.

Remember how progressives were going to hold Obama's feet to the fire? How they were going to apply populist pressure? We now see where that energy went -- into a holding account marked Summer 2011. And it wasn't being saved for Obama. The recent effort by liberal scribes to rescue and polish Hubert Humphrey's reputation shows where many progressive heads are at. They want to serve their betters. They want to be led. For all of his "mistakes" (forced upon him by Republicans who hate America), Obama remains their preferred shepherd.

Radicals like Alexander Cockburn think that a GOP victory in '12 might reignite social justice/antiwar activism. To some degree, sure. But Obama's presidency exposed how hollow the "antiwar" movement was during the Bush/Cheney years. Swayed by Obama's focus group-tested sermons, large numbers of protesters fell mute. They believed again in the system. Extension of Bush's policies by Obama failed to erode their HOPE. In many ways, it was strengthened.

Opposition to a Perry or Romney administration would be at best tactical. Liberals would be in a four-year holding pattern until they could support the Next Savior. President Franken? Why not? A comedian president would be a perfect fit. A looted and crumbling infrastructure should have a laughtrack, if only to muffle the cries of the screwed.