Sunday, July 3, 2011


Off for a few days to see family. Until then, celebrate freedom by listening to me talk philosophy with old friend Doug Lain. A satisfied listener shared:

"Pardon me if I want to go out back shoot myself in the head. This is without a doubt one of the most cynical and depressing interviews I have ever heard on any subject. Are things really and truly this mind bogglingly dismal, hopeless, desolate and discouraging in the good old USA? I hope this is all more a reflection of Mr. Perrin's psychology than the conditions on the ground."

It's probably me. I'm sure that consumer life in the US is much happier than I could possibly understand. But we don't go to sideshows to see the well-adjusted, do we? For one mere mouse click, see the Hopeless Man who makes you want to kill yourself! Ladies, hold on to your dates! He's one of capitalism's cruelest jokes!