Friday, June 10, 2011

Hit Me

Things are tight my friends. Divorce isn't cheap, especially when writing a new book. The Project is now in composition mode. I plan to give readings from the new manuscript sometime in the fall, but just a taste, mixed in with stand up, or whatever it is I do onstage. So some extra dough would make all this a bit easier.

I have a few spare copies of Mr. Mike, American Fan, and Savage Mules I can offer as premiums. The higher donors will receive personally signed copies, but any contribution is most appreciated and keeps me working. If that appeals to you, please scroll down and hit the PayPal button on the right. I'll post more frequently, touching on various topics, not just our fixed political system and those who seem to like it that way. Maybe even some humor. Yeah, it's come to that.

Much love in advance, and thanks.