Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Clubhouse Fun

Alone since the scandal broke, Tiger Woods' carnal appetite has turned inward. Here Woods tries to seduce his right arm.

In retrospect, it was Woods' own hubris that led to his current problems. Not even President Obama was spared Woods' graphic descriptions of his numerous sexual conquests.

Fellow golf pro and sex magnet John Daly came to Tiger Woods' defense, confessing his own indiscretions, most recently with Sarah Palin.

Tiger Woods also apologized to his corporate sponsor Chevron, for tarnishing the company's admirable efforts in Nigeria.

Few have benefitted more from the Woods scandal than Jay Leno, or so the rumor goes, as Leno has gone missing for months.

When told how much this scandal would financially cost him, Woods displayed immediate remorse.

A moment later, Woods returned to form, showing a gallery of party hostesses his favorite playing position.