Monday, July 13, 2009

Watching The Wheels

Still deep in this script, and will be for a few weeks at least. I'll pop in and out, oftentimes without warning. Maybe a post at 11:37 AM on a Tuesday, then ZOOM -- another post at 2:56 PM. Then no posts for a few days, keeping you off-balance until . . .

I'll rely on others to help entertain and inform you. Today, it's friend and early influence Paul Krassner answering Larry King's pointed queries.

Then another "Fridays" film by pal Tom Kramer. I remember this well, as I was in the Army at the time, becoming more politicized by the day. This was the beginning of the Reagan era, a bellicose, militarized period that helped to clarify many issues in my young head. It really seemed that the US would invade Central America, either El Salvador or Nicaragua. That's what criminals like Al Haig were floating in the media to gauge public reaction. But public rejection of direct US intervention was so swift and profound that the Reagan gang retreated, turning instead to contra armies and clandestine terrorism. Mass murder on a scale that would make Milosevic blush with embarrassment. Tom's film captured that early vibe, as did "Fridays" overall, openly opposed to another Vietnam. A noble, doomed gesture.