Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let Mortal Tongues Awake

While some liberals are frustrated by President Obama's recent actions, many others remain solidly behind their beloved leader. Here Al Giordano looks at rendition from a progressive angle.

Nancy Pelosi remains under fire for her shifting explanations about supporting torture. The House Speaker met with advisers to discuss the issue before joining the president for a private lunch.

Dick Cheney took a break from media appearances this week to focus on domestic chores. First up: waterboarding his garden.

President Obama's expansion of the Afghan war has emboldened many American liberals. Popular blogger Matt Yglesias practices his war face to no one in particular.

Contrary to all known laws of physics, comedians Emo Phillips and Weird Al Yankovic still perform in public. Scientists remain baffled by this ongoing mystery.

True love always finds a way to heal divisions. Just ask Jake Klemons about his fiancé Rachel Stilz. "I never thought my family would accept Rachel being Jewish," confessed Klemons. "But I clearly misread them."

Vice President Biden has begun answering questions through cheap ventriloquism, using his forefinger and thumb as a puppet. Marvels a White House staffer, "He barely moves his lips now."

When not entertaining his staff, Biden helps the president find new targets to bomb.