Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smooth Operator

Rahm Emanuel advises the president.

Obama seemed edgy last night, at least during those moments I bothered to watch. My son's reading "Watchmen," in anticipation of the film's March release, and he and I were discussing parts of the book's dense plot that cannot be adequately translated to the screen. (Thus author Alan Moore's opposition to Zack Snyder's film, which apparently is pushing three hours, so a lot may still get in.) Anyway, Obama did what imperial managers are supposed to do: lend the impression that he's in control; that while times are tough, we the American children can sleep soundly knowing that our Father Leader is there.

As ice begins to melt and becomes early morning fog, online liberals are naturally gushing about their new, exciting prez. "Can I just say how refreshing it is to have a president who not only speaks the English language and doesn't filibuster with repetitive nonsense, but one who actually understands what he's talking about?" fawned Digby. "Whatever one thinks of anything else, this, at least, is a tremendous relief."

Comments across the libsphere echoed the same sentiments. Obama may be in the pocket of private interests, has already killed civilians in the Near East with plans for more bloodshed, is playing three-card Monte with torture and rendition, but holy jeebus, he sure do talk good! Some liberals are so easily pacified. Small wonder why Obama's inner-circle doesn't give a fuck what they think. When their leash is yanked, most libs will meekly follow, whatever their disappointment in or confusion about their masters.

Obama's repeated references to Elkhart, Indiana caught my ear. I lived close to Elkhart for a couple of years, worked on a garbage truck in nearby Goshen, and now both towns are suffering the highest unemployment rate in the country. That blows. What's worse is being out of work while living in the Elkhart/Goshen area. Not the most exciting part of the world. I found it a very depressing place, and I was making decent money for my age. The only visual respite is the Amish land, pastoral, quiet, simple but beautiful farm houses and barns. Man, the Amish really know how to build a barn. They also know how to care for one another, something we modern folk might wish to emulate, especially now.