Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dirty Dancing

Part of the fun of being outside of the two parties is watching the willing slaves do the partisan watusi on behalf of their masters. Tom Daschle's tax evasion is the least of it, a warm-up for juicier scandals and criminality. Liberals sweat a bit over Daschle but remain docile at Obama's feet. As I've said, if you can embrace the vile Joe Biden, you can swallow pretty much anything. And liberals love to swallow Democratic swill, however pungent the bouquet.

Touring some of the popular lib sites this morning shows them in fine gulping form. The fact that Obama stood by Daschle regardless of his corrupt, private ties means nothing to them. "Well, the president must choose a better replacement!"

Jesus. I'm convinced that if Obama sodomized a puppy, then ripped out its throat with his teeth, numerous liberals would find a positive side to the carnage. "I'm disappointed, but what the president must do now is find a puppy he can hold without raping and killing it." The lack of significant outrage over Obama's early missile strikes shows that many liberals are comfortable with pretty much anything their godhead does. Besides, it's the media and the Republicans who force Obama to behave badly -- to the degree that he behaves badly, which isn't all that bad, but even if it is bad, that's not how the president wants to behave. Why can't Barry be allowed to simply be Barry?

Here's a thought: Maybe he already is.

SOUNDTRACK: If liberals are gonna dance to Obama's tune, why not use this catchy mix, set to Christian Bale's meltdown on the "Terminator Salvation" set? (Thanks to Naila for sending this.)