Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comedy Flavoring

Some readers ask if I saw Sarah Palin on SNL last night, and if so, what's my take. I didn't watch it last night, but I did this morning, as her appearance is everywhere online. Buddha bless the webs. It makes monitoring the mainstream so much easier and more convenient. Trust me on this, younger readers. I used to clip newspapers on the floor for FAIR. That was the fucking Stone Age compared to now.

A month ago I predicted that Palin would appear, and she did, right on schedule. It's funny reading liberal reaction to Palin's comic turn. At HuffPost, many are outraged that SNL would promote a threat not only to democracy, but to human existence itself. Thing is, Palin is now a major American celebrity. McCain's upcoming loss should only heighten her heat. She'll be the most famous governor in the country, and this will keep her base excited as she plays to the cameras and makes pop culture appearances. Who else does the GOP have that can currently match Palin on this front?

SNL did what SNL has long done -- feature whoever's hot that week. That's the show's function. Satire has nothing to do with it. Everybody feeds on the fix. That's where money and power reside. Dem partisan Alec Baldwin willingly traded japes with Palin, bringing her into the fold. Little wonder she felt free to groove to Amy Poehler's rap about her stated positions. SNL added to Palin's luster. Who wouldn't dance along to that?

I was more taken with the Mark Wahlberg/Andy Samberg plotline. After watching their labored bit, it seems that Wahlberg's bitching all week about Samberg's imitation of him was scripted. Wahlberg's pushing "Max Payne." SNL's all about celeb promotion. Piece writes itself.