Monday, October 13, 2008

Dispatch The Ether Trucks

Assuming Obama runs out the clock and wins this thing, which I've no doubt that he will, we need to think about and prepare for the liberal version of social control. Many libs are convinced that "competent" rule is coming, and like most willing slaves, seek ways to justify and beautify their subjugation. Eight years of neocon oil pig rule has them slobbering for professional state management, which their political and financial superiors will be delighted to install. For all the high rhetoric about American "independence," countless consumers are content to follow orders, so long as their rulers give them something warm to chew on, or better, a sense of belonging.

You see this with numerous Obama followers as the election appears to be nearly over. Most reactionaries have given up and are lighting cigarettes in their crumbling bunkers, awaiting occupation. This emboldens online libs, finally given the chance to bellow victoriously, and baby, are they making the most of it. What the hell. It's not as if they have any real political say in the process, so why not mimic their right wing cousins from the early Bush era and yell about their unique love of country, and how they're gonna retake and remake America. There's no point in directly confronting this emotional tide. It's gathering a frenzied speed, and nothing, no matter how accurate or fact-based, will slow it. So, losers like me will spend these final days watching this wave rise and crest, noting its velocity, awaiting its crash. For once Obama's sworn in, the wave will become a cesspool of shattered fantasies, feeding resentment not of Obama and his inner-circle, but of those who said all along that "change" was a sham.

I've seen some liberals prep for such heartache by blaming in advance the right wing media machine which will pressure, if not blackmail, Obama into following its nefarious script. Should the Dems control not only the White House, but the Senate and House as well, one would think that any corruption or authoritarian abuse would be their responsibility. But that's not how it works in much of liblogging land. When the Dems perform their institutional function, i.e. stabilizing the state for corporate interests while further marginalizing the populace, some liberals believe that the mules are being forced into it, that it's not part of the Party's DNA. I'm not sure who will "force" Obama to betray his inner-"progressive" instincts, but I'm certain that numerous libs will explain it to me in due course. I await my education.