Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Mule Love

Publishers Weekly seems to dislike my new book, but I think the final sentence pegs me accurately.

"Proclaiming that 'American political life has always been a feeding frenzy of delusion, uplift, and fantasy,' blogger and satirist Perrin (Mr. Mike) focuses his attack more narrowly on the Democrats, arguing that from Andrew Jackson on, they have 'robbed, cheated and lied to their constituents' in order to consolidate power and maximize 'mega-profits.' The book moves from a historic overview to a contemporary critique of the Democratic support for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, skewering such Democratic heavyweights as JFK, FDR, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, 'America’s most underrated imperialist.' The final chapter offers a blow-by-blow account of the liberal blogger convention YearlyKos, an event that the author uses to illustrate his conviction that 'the Dem [sic] elites will continue to gorge on corporate money and favors.' Perrin undermines himself with his reliance on ad hominem attacks and joyless one-liners (JFK was 'smoked,' genocide in Bosnia is an 'Ian Fleming scenario,' 'the Iraq era had been satirically deficient'). The result is a combination of self-righteousness and puerility."

Get your copy today!

LIKE IT MATTERS: The above reviewer mentions Bosnia, which is funny since I don't in my book. I do mention Kosovo, however, and the glorious humanitarian bombing of Serbia by Bubba Mule Clinton. The Ian Fleming reference described the super-villan portrayal of Milosevic, who couldn't hold a flesh candle to the country schooling him on human rights.