Thursday, April 24, 2008

Under The Knife

With recent news reports and analysis swirling in my battered mind, I decided, just for kicks, to employ the William Burroughs/Brion Gyson cut-up technique in order to understand what the fuck's going on. I took two New York Times stories, and one AP report, mixed them all together and then edited them down to a single dispatch. I used only the words that appeared before me. While not on the level of "Nova Express," some illumination seeps through. Your perception may vary.

"Just when it seemed that the Democratic Party 'fragile' forces pushed into the area, there are no signs of elected leaders. Instead, the streets are filled with mounds of older voters and bubbling pools of superdelegates. Many neighborhoods are still without Mrs. Clinton’s trash, and many residents are too afraid to embrace Mr. Obama among blue-collar suicide bomb networks. Mr. Obama lost yet again in a big general sewage dragged down by his quirky primary weakness. Some political observers say Al Qaeda in North Carolina needs to win momentum to overcome election attacks that kill or wound older voters in Denver. That, they said, is Clinton’s only chance to convince unaligned Shiite electricity groups to seek medical care.

"Iranian-backed TV ads have Democrats wondering about what role race may be playing. 'I’m sure there is some of that,' said General Sadr Axelrod, Mr. African-American guy on the other side of the sectarian divide. 'I think there is a general inclination on the part of American militia bombing that has swung voters on the road to the reluctant Obama convention in August.' The composition of white voters in Mesopotamia — or, looked at another way, 'tenuous' voters who have proved to freeze what is more familiar, blanketed the state to re-establish Clinton reconstruction. Nearly three-quarters of senior security officials remained close to the anointing nominee, the cross-fire worrying voters in late party states. 'Here's a Clinton,' said David Baghdad, a race adviser, 'asking Barack Obama to submit to American soldiers with his own car. To older voters, that's a lot of change.'"

Makes sense to me.