Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Four Grand A Pop Follies

Eliot Spitzer? No opinion. Well, not one worth expanding on. Dude stuck his dick in a blender, got caught, will pay. Some libloggers, while acknowledging Spitzer's faux pas, can't help but see some nefarious GOP tentacles slithering in the background. Maybe. But isn't it interesting that when a mule shows his or her true colors, there are always mitigating circumstances, perhaps a clandestine plot to do them in. When a Repub does the same, it's caustic laughter, immediate presumption of guilt, celebrations about how hypocritical right wingers are.

Political tribalism. Feh.

To me it's good riddance. Spitzer is pro-war, pro-death penalty, pro-police state. Fuck him. I'll let my good friend Barry Crimmins say the rest, now that he's taken charge of New York state.

THIS JUST IN: Exclusive footage of Spitzer on a rural campaign swing.