Monday, March 3, 2008

All White People Are Crazy

Taking a few days off, dealing with the change in my personal weather. So many wonderful topics to write about, Gaza, another U.S. drive-by in Somalia, more ethnic pleasures in the Balkans, not to mention the prez sweepstakes at home. It's all so tempting, but give me another day or two soak it in. Don't want to spout off half-cocked. As if I ever do that . . .

Here's an obligatory "Fridays" piece, featuring Michael Richards as Frank Zappa, reviewing the top albums of 1981. Note the grinning, silent Rich Hall in the background. Hall was one of four comics to work for both "Fridays" and "SNL." (He also wrote for Letterman's NBC morning show in 1980.) The other three? Why Matt Neuman, Kevin Kelton, and Larry David, of course. Hall now lives in a cabin in Montana, and was appreciated more in England than he ever was in the States. However, he does nothing in this clip.

A fellow "Fridays" freek has mailed me more bootleg DVDs and rare articles about the show. Should arrive any day. This has me stoked. Such is my life.

UPDATE: The "Fridays" package just arrived. I'm a pig in shit. Thanks Wayne!