Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pimping Outrage

The hubbub over David Shuster's "pimped out" crack about Chelsea Clinton confirms that this election cycle remains free of real political analysis. Shuster's a dope, of which there's no shortage at MSNBC and the other cable nets, and his comment that Hillary's pimping her daughter into campaign service was guaranteed to raise hackles. It has worked beautifully for the Clinton campaign, allowing Hillary to once again pose as the poor victim of rampant sexism, only this time she gets to bring Chelsea on the shame stage. If anything, Shuster helped Hillary, and one wonders if he has anything "colorful" to say about Obama. Certainly couldn't hurt the Saint.

What's especially delicious is how libloggers flock to defend Hillary and Chelsea's gender from the Big Bad Media that hates Democrats so. You couldn't script it any better. The reality is that Hillary is a well-connected cutthroat heavy-hitter for whom the likes of Shuster are mere rube bait. And right on cue, the lib rubes bite down every fucking time. Why shouldn't Hillary play the victim card? It always works for her. She's nothing if not consistent.

Yes, yes, there are actual sexists who hate and slander Hillary. Welcome to America. But as I've said before, I might feel a smidgen more sympathetic to Hillary were she not drenched in Iraqi, Lebanese, Palestinian and Kurdish blood. Saying that she pimps out her daughter, while crude, is really nothing. In fact, it's a compliment when compared to what she's actually supported and helped finance.