Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Come Into The Light

You Obamaites are relentless. To you, the Saint is RFK, Martin Luther King, Eugene McCarthy, and Howard Dean in one, smooth, multi-racial package. The cat is slick, I'll concede. A few of you sent me the same video that's turning so many knees to jelly. If other readers haven't viewed the thing, here it is.

This is first-rate propaganda -- as good as those America Reborn spots the Reagan team produced in the 80s, and light years beyond anything Bush, Kerry, or Hillary coughed up. The system demands cleansing, not the real kind, of course, but a general sense of the feeling, and Obama is the perfect vessel into which Hopers may pour their dreams. Right on cue and beautifully executed. You'd have to be completely numb not to appreciate the approach.

Let's see how the Saint does today. If he wins big, or at least maintains his momentum, we may be in for a very interesting year.