Monday, February 18, 2008

Cibo Says It's Time

This is the final deadline week for "Savage Mules" which, with swift editing, a lack of printing problems, and no libelous statements to soften or omit, should be out by this August, just in time for Labor Day reading, and a final kick before we select our Holy Leader. So, I'm in the tank for the next few days, but will emerge, ready to blog like it's 2099, complete with chem-resistant jumpsuit, oxygen helmet, freeze-dried foodstuffs, and ultra-thick plexi-dome so to weather the chlorine-bleach windstorms.

My humble thanks to those who've helped me over the weekend. I'm still uncertain about my work status, as it seems to be a day-to-day arrangement. Again, any work or spare change is most appreciated. See you soon.