Friday, December 7, 2007

Slowly Moving On

Thanks again to all who've reached out during this awful time. Some of the notes I've received on behalf of my family have been truly moving. Even old mentor Hitchens sent along some nice, supportive words. Most appreciated, but it doesn't change my feelings about his war frenzy, nor his, I suspect, about my rejection of same.

We all still feel pretty sick about the whole barbarous mess, and this sour feeling will probably intensify somewhat as the holidays draw near. Horrible. Unavoidable.

For Holly's survivors, life continues, and for me it means getting back to the book. Thanks to my patient editor at Verso, my deadline's been extended, so that definitely helps as I try to push my mind back into composition/editing mode. Again, this will affect posting -- to what degree I don't yet know. Depends on mood, hour, exhaustion and/or outrage level. Check in and see.

The wife has a sweet post about brother Jeff today. She really nails it. Friend Barry Crimmins adds his thoughts, too. Further thanks to Rob Payne, Tom Watson, Chris Floyd, Brad DeLong, Blue Girl, Dancewater, Spiiderweb, and of course Jon Schwarz for offering their online condolences and spreading the word about Holly's passing, as well as who she was in life.