Saturday, December 1, 2007

Holly Corey

My sister-in-law, Holly Corey, was randomly murdered Friday afternoon on the north side of Indianapolis. Seems a disturbed young man, who had access to a handgun, shot her several times while she pumped gas into her car. No one knows why this happened, since the guy didn't rob her. He just shot her, then killed himself. A personal free-fire zone.

Whenever tragedies like this happen, the survivors always paint the deceased in bright colors. To be expected and not to be dismissed. But please trust me friends when I tell you that Holly was one of the sweetest, most positive individuals I've ever known. Holly faced some serious adversity in her life, but it never seemed to drag her down. She remained optimistic and upbeat no matter what. I don't know how she swung that, but I'll always be amazed and impressed that she did.

Holly leaves behind my brother Jeff, and their son Jeff Jr. who is 12. Now I must drive down there and be with my family. And the book? It can wait.