Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tank Boy

Deep in the writing tank for the next few days, so nothing from me till maybe Wednesday or Thursday. Depends on mood, exhaustion, or breaking news. Besides, there are plenty of people screaming online. One less shout will not lower the din all that much. You know where to go should you need righteous noise. For me, the noise is in my aching head.

Here's a funny spoof of the early 80s "SNL" and "Fridays" from a later version of "SCTV." Better than "Fridays'" spoof of "SCTV," but on the same level as "SNL's" spoof of "SNL," with touches of "Mad TV's" spoof of "In Living Color," and elements of "The Kids In The Hall's" spoof of "The State." "Mr. Show's" spoof of "Exit 57" can be seen here and there.