Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is That A Gun In Your Mouth, Or Do You Need Corrective Surgery?

People are still talking about "The Sopranos", which, after a scan of today's headlines, is completely understandable. Hell man -- let's spend the rest of the summer talking about Tony and the gang.

I'm pressed for time this morning, since I'm going with my son's class to the local water park (yes, the same place we went to last year). But here are two satirical takes on "The Sopranos" for your edification and general amusement.

The first comes from this past season of "SNL", featuring host and former cast member Molly Shannon's character Sally O'Malley. I've always liked Shannon's work, even though she has maybe two comedic moves. It's her energy and commitment to the performance that's impressive, and this sketch shows her in fine form. Fred Armisen's Paulie Walnuts is pretty good, too.

But for sheer, straight-up, hold-your-sides laughter, nothing beats "Mad TV's" classic, edited-for-broadcast-television version of "The Sopranos". Will Sasso's Tony is magnificent, and Debra Wilson does a fine Dr. Melfi as well.