Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ignore That Screaming Man On The Corner

Blurfing, as my friend and spiritual adviser Jon Schwarz likes to put it, will be light to non-existent over the next few days. I'm off to NYC to see some old cronies and meet, in person, various, prominent libloggers at a gathering on the Upper West Side.

I love that part of the city, not only because I lived up there several times during my New York years and retain many fond memories (some bad ones, too), but most especially because many American reactionaries hate and see it as foreign, anti-American turf. Of course, the majority of these trogs probably haven't set foot on upper Broadway, walked down Central Park West as the leaves are turning in the Fall, tasted the smoked fish at Barney Greengrass' Sturgeon King store, or drank and played pool at numerous old dives that reeked of spilled booze and mildew, most of which I'm sure aren't even around anymore.

I'll take that over an All American strip mall in the Midwest any day.

So, barring some in-flight insanity, I'll rejoin you either on Sunday, or at the latest, Monday.

I leave you with a YouTube request from an old Army buddy of mine, now living out west. It's Seinfeld in the HBO series "Oz", from when he hosted "SNL" in 1999. Enjoy, Steve.

And from me, here's Gilda Radner's screen test for the original "Saturday Night", from August, 1975. You'll hear the voices of Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin, and Lorne Michaels, all trying to throw Gilda off. But she handles it with the easy going style that was singularly hers.