Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nothing, friends. I've got absolutely nothing today.

Normally I wouldn't care, but since I have a growing readership, which I suspect will get bigger once the Huffington Post gig begins, I wake each day trembling with anxiety, wondering just what the hell I'll bash out on my battered, stained keyboard. Usually I find something, even if it's YouTube/IFilm filler. But today, nada.

I suppose I could just link to AP/Reuters headlines, then simply say "Read the whole thing." Lots of bloggers do that, and looking at my empty quiver today, I can see why. Space must be filled at all costs. People need something to surf to. And here you all surfed to me, and you're given this crap to read. Pretty sad, eh?

In lieu of angry essays or side-splitting comedy, I would like to thank Andy Tanguay for taking time to snap the pic you see above (a black and white version will appear at HuffPo). Now you know the face behind the rants. Is it what you expected? In order to get that relaxed expression just right, I was pantless and had a small fan aimed at my crotch. Andy took it in stride. He's a pro, after all.

The wife has taken the blog plunge, and is feeling her way around, as we all do at the start. She wrote a deeply flattering post about her oafish husband, which I humbly share with you. We have a mixed-marriage: she's a Christian; I'm a Taoist. But we make it work. A big part of our success is that her Christianity is the socially conscious kind, where Jesus is more of a socialist than the heavily-armed, NASCAR-loving, queer-hating Judean redneck that so many Americans prefer. She is one of the most loving, dedicated, and forgiving people I know. I'm not a Christian, but I'm inspired by her example. I still think that Lao Tzu would more than hold his own in a fight with Jesus, but that minor difference doesn't get in our way. The wife rocks. Check her out.

Ah, what the hell -- here's a couple of YouTube clips of Rodney Dangerfield on the old "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson". Rodney was one of the finest joke tellers in American comedy, and below he's in his prime. When he did panel with Carson, he'd get to the end of his material and say "That's it." Cut and dry. To the point. Classic. Same for this post -- that's it.