Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hitch Cocked

"Here, bwana. Take my weapon. Use it well."

"Thank you, Jo Jo. And a full clip. You are a dear lad."

"I wish only to be serving my wise white father."

"Your loyalty is eclipsed only by your fine judgment."

"You are happy then. Jo Jo is happy, too."


"What is bwana shooting at?"

"I thought a saw a nihilistic dead-ender behind that big rock."

"Jo Jo no understand white father's large words."

"Don't worry yourself, dear boy. I will protect you, even if I have to kill everything in sight."


"I see no one, bwana."

"Of course you don't, Jo Jo. That's why I'm here. Are you sure there's nothing to drink back at camp?"

"Alcohol is forbidden, father."

"Fucking primates."

"Who is to be fucking this primate?"

"Oh, it's nothing, sweet thing."


"Why is father angry with that rock?"

"I swear I saw something fascistic move."


"No matter. I'm out. Let's go back and finish gutting that goat."

"The one father killed using only two clips?"

"The damn thing charged me. You saw it, Jo Jo."

"Yes. You protect Jo Jo from mad goat."

"And so much more, dear boy. So very much more."

(Thanks to Sonic at Hitchens Watch for the great pic.)