Monday, June 4, 2012

Ride My See-Saw

Oh for the days of creative PR. I've always enjoyed propaganda, the more inventive the better. Beautiful lies that bind.

But like so much else in this nasty age, propaganda is cheap, obvious. Either we've run out of ideas or just don't give a fuck. I'm not sure. I know this literal minded approach would make Rosser Reeves gleam. He'd be happy to see his brand of bullshit win in the end.

As far as the election goes, our betters are more literal than ever. They're openly admitting how fixed the system is -- gloating about it, actually. Rubbing our faces in their contempt.

Bill Clinton, gliding through a privileged life, doing pretty much as he pleases, defended Mitt Romney's business past. Said that Romney was qualified to be president. This from a senior Obama supporter.

I laughed when I read that. I can't stand Clinton, but that made my day. I'd shake whichever hand he doesn't jerk off with.

The New York Times' Mark Leibovich wrote a piece about the similarities between Obama and Romney. Their backgrounds. Schooling. Personal traits. Leadership style. There are policy differences, but that's true within an administration.

What we basically have is a duller version of Gore v. Bush. And with no Nader to blame, this system's starkness becomes better defined.

It's left to the partisans to whip up whatever frenzies they can manage. Most of the action appears behind Obama. Liberal scribes strain to paint Romney as a Palin-like nut. It's a shit gig, but serving power has its price. What's a little boot licking when our envied way of life hangs in the balance?

Foolishly, I followed a link to a group liberal site that's been critical of Obama, but there are some holdouts. One prominent example (for that world) went on an angry, spiteful tear against anyone doubting Obama's greatness.

It wasn't elegant or all that bright, but there was passion; or maybe it was desperation. Hard to tell in all that ad hominem.

You probably know the site, and perhaps the angry liberal. I won't divulge simply because I don't need the aggravation. Seen it. Been it. Done it. I'm trying, with varying levels of success, to lead a more serene life. And I'm sure as fuck not mixing it up over Obama v. Romney.

What I said during the last go-round still goes. Only this time with love.

There are others dissecting this lunacy. Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill are the most astute. It was Scahill calling Obama a murderer on Chris Hayes' cable chat show that riled the president's fans. According to them, kill lists, drone warfare, and targeting American citizens are traditional liberal values.

I agree. Mainstream liberalism sits atop numerous mass graves, creating many more. Why pretend otherwise? Especially in America?

The Obama campaign sure isn't, confident that its brazen endorsement of state terror will win votes. Again, no argument. When your chief demographic is fully in line, you don't need to be clever. It's one area of American politics where honesty works.