Friday, May 25, 2012

Jubilee As A Verb

I know: this once bustling space has fallen mostly silent. I've explained why, and the reasons haven't changed. Not that you need or desire an explanation, but still . . .

Work on my written projects continues. Yes, I said projects. They are different yet interrelated. Not twin volumes but familiar enough. More about these exciting developments as news warrants.

I'm currently in Michigan to see my son. After readjusting to city life, suburbia seems deader than ever. At least here. Feels like ten lifetimes ago when I slogged through this world with everyone else. It saddens but also makes me anxious. Michigan put a dent in my consciousness. Whenever I visit I keep expecting another blow to the head.

I haven't fully written about that period of my life. Perhaps at some point I will. It's not a terribly funny story, but then what's funny these days?

As for this space, check in weekly for relatively new content. I'm not abandoning it just yet -- certainly not in this All Important Election Year Ever (Part XVIII). But if you must know what's on my mind between posts, follow my Twitter feed. One hundred forty characters in search of meaning, or at least semi-digested punch lines.