Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Excuse Please

For those who have chipped in, no need to read further. You've helped me stay afloat. Thank you. Now return to your crazy lives before I get mushy and start kissing on you.

For everyone else predisposed, any contribution to the effort is appreciated. I'm in rootless cosmopolitan mode. Living hotel room to hotel room. Cheap joints right out of Twin Peaks, but not Wild At Heart. I have a limit to certain David Lynch interiors. And if I see anyone who resembles Willem Dafoe, I'm sleeping in my car.

Anyway, thanks in advance. I have a few copies of my books I can sign and mail in return. Or I can give you a walk-on role in my newest effort. It's a period piece. When pants, lapels, and neckties widened. When Johnny Carson and Buddy Hackett grew their hair. Let PayPal be your time machine. I'll try to keep you away from family gatherings.