Friday, May 27, 2011


A favorite and a friend tosses in his towel.

Who Is IOZ? ends, its author moving on to more serious writing projects (God help him). IOZ's energy, style and tone will be missed by me, his streaming sentences most especially. Few online whip the language like IOZ. Thoughts critiques bits rants recipes spilled across his site, commenters guessing at his ultimate point, if there was one. Yet IOZ's pyrotechnics, entertaining as they were, barely concealed his sensitivity to the surrounding madness. IOZ cracked wise because he cares. Too fucking much.

Maybe that's why he's stopping. Maybe he just got bored. Blogs are passé. New forms emerge, ideally offline. I look forward to IOZ's writing on a tangible surface. He's got the gift.

Happily for you, I'm still around, during lulls in the longhand and in between benders. It's nice to shout into the ether when needed. Beats my last therapist.