Monday, May 2, 2011

Grave Dance Party

Why can't we be more like Nelson Mandela or the Vietnamese people?

Mandela, imprisoned to hard labor for 27 years for resisting a racist state, forgave his jailers. His torturers. Those who wanted to see him hang. He did so smiling, laughing. It's one of the greatest moments for humanity I've ever witnessed. I'm still in awe of it and him.

The Vietnamese people even more so. You know the grisly record. What we did to their country. Jesus, it's still hard to get your head around it. Mind-blowing, genocidal violence. And yet, the Vietnamese people forgave us. Offered a friendly hand. Focused on a more positive future (whatever the geopolitical realities). How do you stay dry-eyed in the face of such beauty? I think most Americans have no idea what that means. If they did, we wouldn't be witnessing the present grave dancing.

We have a lot of growing up to do. We are spoiled children in a world where civilized people are considered our inferiors. I have more to say about the bin Laden circus, but I'm too sick and angry to do so now. Think I'll take a long walk. Hopefully, I won't be pelted by flags.