Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Viewing

(Above) Strikebreaker Santa (1983) Santa lays a fiscal ass whuppin' on picketing federal workers. Mr. T, Nancy Reagan.

Ant Claus (2000) Disgraced Senator saves the larval stage of Christmas. Rip Torn, Iggy Pop.

Burn All Trees! (1966) Mexican Christmas dance gets out of control, threatening regional stability. Cantinflas, Rita Moreno.

Son of Goy (1980) Daredevil pilot believes he's Jesus, then decides he doesn't need the aggravation. Albert Brooks, Dolly Parton.

It's Judgment Time (1971) Irradiated Nativity scene settles scores with local atheists. Geraldine Chaplin, Danny Bonaduce.

Ho Ho Hold It Right There (2003) Climatologist claims that snow causes lupus and is rightfully ignored. Vince Vaughn, Mariah Carey.

Commie Yuletide (1957) Beleaguered elves resist the Soviets until the State Department re-opens after the holidays. Tim Considine, Dean Rusk.

Ahoy In A Manger (1988) Jesus is born during the Battle of Midway and tells everyone to knock it off. Macaulay Culkin, Jeff Goldblum.

Christ Needs A Haircut (1969) Drunken ranchers invade a Christmas love-in and are besieged by chiggers. Slim Pickens, Beau Bridges.