Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tell Me Nothing

Some of you reached out to say that I'm underestimating Tea Partiers. That our imperial decline is giving way to native fascist forces hiding behind Constitutional rhetoric. That even though they're murderous, corporatist, criminal and hopelessly beyond reform, the Democrats are our only safe option. So why reject the last tattered parachute on a burning plane?

Dunno. I've long wondered what dying in a plane crash would be like. I'm sure it would be horrendous, terrifying, yet magically still, the final snapshot in your brain before nothingness or that multicolor musical extravaganza snake-waving tent apostles promise. I've listened to cockpit tapes of pilots scrambling to save fatal flights, the terror in their voices among the most direct expressions I've ever heard. No amount of technology can silence primal screams. So while that tattered parachute is tempting, I worry about where I'd land.

Does that answer your question? Didn't think so.

Look, America has always been populated with lunatic know-nothings, so the Tea Party is hardly a frightening new feature. Their confusion, idiocy and anger are evident, as is their marginal status. Yes, they can be cruel, as we've recently seen. I simply wonder how politically astute Lauren Valle truly is.

Outraged liberals frantically wave the free speech flag to defend Valle's action at the Rand Paul debate, but seriously, what do you expect when wading into that type of crowd? It's like moaning about being stung after brushing against a hornets' nest. This is one reason why elected Democrats ignore liberal pleas. Who wants to hear from the clueless and deluded, especially when they'll vote for you no matter what?

I'm happy that Valle is pressing charges against the twisted fucks who assaulted her. I doubt they'll fully understand why they're being charged, but then countless Americans walk around in hazes to begin with, so that's nothing new. Suing Valle's attackers could be the most effective action MoveOn's been connected to, primarily since Obama's election, when their "antiwar" rep was shown to be fraudulent.

Harassing rednecks through the courts has no real societal effect, but it'll make MoveOn members feel like they're doing something, and it's a guaranteed fundraising tool. Hopefully, it will also provide some cheap entertainment until the next season of Mad Men. I just don't see Don and Megan lasting more than a year.