Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Only Good Thoughts

Been nearly a week, boy. Where your shit?

Working on bits for the next round of NYC stage diving. Roaming the house, flapping my arms, talking in various voices and accents. Of course, I've always done this, only now I have a reason.

Several posts litter my office floor, awaiting final assembly. But today, out of deference to an old Army buddy who dislikes my political rants and suggests that I stick to comedy, I'm letting YouTube do the work. Steve and I used to watch Fridays at his apartment off-base, and it remains one topic where we agree more than not. So Steve, to show you I'm not strictly an enemy propagandist, here are a few items you may remember.

This is a silly, absurd premise, something you might see on the current SNL, only without Larry David. These easily could've been recurring characters, something the current SNL would undoubtedly do, but to my knowledge, this was it. And frankly, what more do you need?

I've always liked this bit. Again, Larry David plays the lead, but it's cast driven and very physical, which is always nice for live TV. I rediscovered this sketch when I went through some of O'Donoghue's personal video tapes. Waiting for his appearance on The Midnight Special, Michael taped his channel surfing. He came to Fridays just as this sketch began and stayed for the entire thing. Don't know what he thought of it, but he didn't change the channel. Something must have grabbed him.

This is self-explanatory. The introduction was unnecessary; going straight into the bit would've heightened its weirdness. Anyway, another favorite. Melanie Chartoff and Larry David are joined by Father Guido Sarducci and Dawn, who appeared as a team in every sketch. Show-long concepts were a Fridays thing.