Friday, January 15, 2010

Brief Candle

For those who thought my post about Haitian relief was a tad jaded, friend and fellow Verso scribe Richard Seymour shows just how depraved some Americans can be in the face of massive death and suffering.

The national amnesia about our invasions, violence and repression in Haiti is almost beautiful in its grotesqueness. Imagine if China had the same bloody record in the Caribbean as us. Think that might get mentioned in a situation like this?

I remember when hallucinations were sunny and fun. The junk pumped into us now is stepped all over by hooved beasts, creating dystopian visions, nausea, and dull, nagging aches. Yet plenty of people pine for the fix. As they advised in happier times, always know your dealer.

I'm sure that most of you know where to go to help with Haitian relief. Tiny Rev pal Jon Schwarz offers some suggestions.

I'll be away from the keyboard for a few days. But this doesn't mean I'll overlook the ongoing late night wars. Here's an early take on Leno by Chris Elliott, perhaps one of the first Leno impressions ever. Today everybody does Leno, a comedy Twilight Zone where big chins and bad jokes are the daily norm. Give me the aliens with the human cookbook any day.