Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Film Classics

(From A Most Peculiar Weekend, 1966, with Laurence Olivier and Vanessa Redgrave)

Sit On It (1948) Danny Kaye does, on coffins, cattle, traffic cones, heaping plates of pasta, moose antlers, and June Allyson, for the better part of 88 minutes. With Ozzie Nelson and Hattie McDaniel.

Paddles In Lieu Of Pockets (1970) Starving geese invade a nudist colony, ruining the volleyball tournament. With Dean Jones, Shelly Fabares, Cantinflas, and Merv Griffin.

Fortune Smiles On Those Most Deserving, But We Can Get It For You Wholesale (1963) The Iliad set in New York's garment district, then suddenly in Baltimore, and finally on the moon. With Robert Morse, Bill Bixby, and Eva Marie Saint.

Manhattan With A Twist (1959) Shot entirely in Tucson at night, with a hand held camera. Supposedly about a pair of bickering jewel thieves, but who the hell really knows. With Russ Tamblyn and Jim Nabors.

Leave 'Em Laughing (1946) A deaf juggler and blind ventriloquist open and close a Dresden cabaret the same night, then try their luck in Berlin. With Joe E. Lewis and Dennis Day.

Cherokee Balloon Race (1979) Jane Fonda fights masked oil speculators, but an outbreak of mumps keeps everybody honest until Super Bowl Sunday. With Mac Davis, Gwen Verdon, and Richard Roundtree.

Let's See Those Hands (1984) Communist puppeteers clash with circus chimps, but cooler heads prevail once Jesus returns. With Patrick Swayze, Jim Varney, and the voice of John Gielgud.