Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zeus Is A Jerk

Do you like this site?

Do I in any way help you cope with the bullshit while making you smile, perhaps even laugh?

Does my large head frighten you?

Well, there's not much I can do about the canned ham atop my shoulders. But if you get something positive or useful from my varied efforts, then please hit the PayPal button and contribute what you can.

Things is tight, y'all. Plus, I live in the worst state economically. Yet I still create different ways of dealing with the American madhouse (which larger, more lucrative bloggers have had no problem, umm, "borrowing") for free. You know the fractured piano tune. So help if you are so inclined or financially able. I'll keep chopping away at this petrified system, a song in my heart, and Bosch-like images dancing in my head.

Speaking of musical sights, here's the awesome Janis Joplin, from Dick Cavett's ABC show, June 25, 1970. Janis was an early symbol of freedom to me; I gazed at her album "Pearl" and fantasized about living the bohemian life. I was only 11, but she struck a serious chord. I wasn't aware of Janis' personal hell and the conditions that led to her tragic end. To me she personified all that was/is great about creative expression. But that, like so much else, comes with a price. Dig her.