Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hair Of The Dog

An extended segment of young hung over Perrin trying to explain corporate realities to a mystified Terry Eastland and an indifferent Susan Swain. Indeed, Swain was much warmer to Eastland than to me, which probably had more to do with the booze seeping from my skin than from any ideological bias. Eastland, on the other hand, was one of the nicer right wingers I'd debated, even though he thought my critique was from outer space.

As you'll hear in the intro, I left the studio and went straight back to NYC, borrowed a car, then drove to Woodstock, where I was living on and off with a younger woman I'd met through FAIR. She was a former child/teen model who had worked with Brooke Shields, but rejected sexist objectification in favor of anarcho-feminism.

She was still pretty hot, though -- ass and legs that would send R. Crumb madly sketching. She couldn't shake that, and it drove her nuts. It led to many bizarre arguments about sex, my giving her an orgasm one of the key strikes against me. Imperialist, phallocentric behavior on my part, apparently. We eventually broke up, but not before I shed 15 pounds, dried out from the Tanqueray, and considered a career other than media criticism.