Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up & Away

Driving to New York with the fam, so this space will be dormant until Tuesday. Do check out my bloggy friends in the roll, especially brother Jim Buck, who's been tapping out some snappy posts of late. Jim's still relatively new to the game, but he's sharper than a lot of veteran bloggers I could name, if only I could remember who they are.

My son and I plan to shoot a bunch of video while in Manhattan and Brooklyn, so be prepared for a YouTube assault from the Big Apple. The young man hasn't been to the city since we moved to Michigan nearly 10 years ago. Even though he was born in the West Village, and learned to walk in Park Slope, he doesn't remember any of it. I'm looking forward to seeing the city -- his birthplace -- through his teen eyes.

My son's been getting into The Kids In The Hall of late, so here are some of his fave bits to amuse you before reality rears its hideous head. Aloha.