Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Other Dear Leader

Bill Clinton hasn't lost a step. Regardless of his actual record, which includes various war crimes and assaults on that wax deity, the Constitution, Bill's sexy swagger still makes lib boys and girls swoon and come on cue.

I've never seen anything like this in American politics. Sure, reactionaries grovel before images of Reagan, but his appeal is religious in tone. Clinton is more down to earth, someone you fantasize spending time with, and if you're lucky, fuck. (Right-wingers tried this same approach with W., pretending he seemed salty and real, but it never gained the same traction as Clintonphilia.) His corporate centrism is favored by professional liberals high and low, something not lost on Obama. His imperial management was savvier and in many ways more effective than Bush's cloddish attempts (another lesson for Obama). He even survived impeachment, which thankfully avoided any mention of real impeachable crimes, focusing instead on lies about blowjobs.

What's not to like?

Clinton's "rescue" of the two American journalists in North Korea added another bright layer to his legend. It was smooth, a sort of "Here's how it's done" to Obama, who I'm sure took notes. That the entire production was a pre-arranged, propaganda bump for both sides is really beside the point. That someone like Clinton, who expanded the American police state, shredded Constitutional protections for the poor, oversaw a boon in prison construction and the use of prison labor to serve private companies, allowed the use of roving wiretaps and other forms of domestic surveillance, and set the stage for the Patriot Act with the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, is hailed as a liberator of those unjustly jailed, is truly beyond comment.

There is no serious domestic opposition to this state of affairs. Only fantasies, theories, and empty chatter. We the Free are in extended lock-down. Hey, at least there's porn, something Bill might appreciate.