Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Face Is Reigning

I love this poster. Yeah, the Heath Ledger parody is past tired, but still, this thing swings. It shows just how lunatic parts of American reaction are, so fucking batshit thick that they've failed of their effect. This supposedly "reveals" Obama's barely-hidden criminal socialism, but instead it's an ironic take on how the mainstream political world overall creates fictional categories for the current imperial manager.

Reactionaries believe that Obama is a foreign-born Islamo-commie intent on imprisoning patriots. Liberals still largely believe that Obama is one of them, compromised and undermined by evil forces in DC. Both sides believe that the corporate media is against them (true to a degree, but this includes us all). And each side uses the other's fantasies to reinforce their own. A splendid arrangement. Meanwhile, the owners maintain control.

This image could easily hang in some Chelsea gallery. Perhaps an entire show featuring repainted/crazily defined administration and media figures. Invite leading liberals and reactionaries to the opening, pop a cork, sit back and watch the fun. Occasionally, the mad house has its moments.

(Thanks to Shane T. for the link.)